Hoath School Council

The School Council is led by Mrs Phillipson and their purpose is to ensure that all of the children are involved in decisions affecting all aspects of the life of Hoath Primary School.  It supports pupil involvement and personal development through activities such as organising fund-raising for a chosen charity.  The School Council meet once a week to discuss any problems or ideas the school community may have.

Representatives serve for 4 terms over a period of 2 academic years. Currently the School Council consists of Henry – Yr. 6, Lily – Yr. 6, Alfie – Yr. 5, Gracie – Yr. 4, Ronny – Yr. 3, Dexter S – Yr. 2, Amelia – Yr. 2 and Jude – Yr. 1.

At our first meeting, the Council create an action plan where we set out what we will do each term. We decided to support the wonderful charities – ‘Porchlight’ and ‘Children In Need’ as our charities up to Christmas. The Council asked for and received a talk/presentation from Porchlight, which made for a very exciting whole school assembly and culminated in the raising of lots of money by the collection of money in individual ‘mini-houses’. The children seemed to really enjoy the talk, had some very interesting questions and it is hoped that they may continue to support and spread awareness of Porchlight’s work as they grow.

The children on the Council have also discussed the problem with ‘Play-leaders’ and we are making them ‘play-supporters’ to engage all of the children as much as possible during both break and lunchtimes. Currently we are thinking and talking about ways in which we may be able to improve our play equipment.